Woolmark Certification



Since September 1st, 2020, we have been proud licensee of the Woolmark quality mark. We are currently one of the 3 manufacturers who have this quality mark on the Czech market. All our clothing is labeled Pure Merino Wool.

Woolmark has been a global authority in the field of wool processing since 1964, guaranteeing the quality of wool fibers, adherence to environmental and ethical procedures, and unifying the entire supply chain from farmers to consumers.

What does label Pure Merino Wool mean?

It quarantees that our clothing is made of 100% Merino Wool of the highest quality. Before a product can receive the Woolmark quality mark, it must pass rigorous laboratory tests. Merino knit and finished product is stretched in various ways, twisted, wasched many times, exposed to light and various chemicals. The composition, fiber diameter, dyeing methods used and, last but not least, the overall quality of the product processing are also checked. If the clothing passes all these tests, it can be proud of hte Pure Merino Wool quality mark.

Why did we decide to receive a quality mark from Woolmark?

We want our customers to have confidence in the purity of our wool and confidence in the quality of the overall processing of our clothing. We have to repeat the testing process every year, random tests are also ongoing, every newly added material must be also be tested. Our customer can always have the confidence in the validity and timeliness of the quality mark.

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