WINTER FUN and our new collection from 100% Merino Wool


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Crawler merino in winter weight is a divinely soft knitted fabric from 100% merino wool that you will fall in love with, not only for your children but also for yourself. The weight of our winter wool ranges from 210 to 245 g/m2, and we also offer reversible garments, i.e. sewn from two layers of this wool, for those who are really cold-sensitive.


This merino is really flexible (thanks to the way of knitting and the natural features of wool), so make sure you choose the appropriate size. If you are not sure about the right size, always choose the smaller one or write us your measurements. Merino only provides 100% performance if it is close to the body, i.e. slim fit.

Photo: Crawler Archive



Ideally on bare body and pleasantly tight. You can sleep in it and wear it during all sports activities or when you relax. Regardless of age – merino is great for newborns, whose thermoregulation doesn’t work yet, as well as for active individuals or cold-sensitive seniors.


Every parent will probably most appreciate one amazing feature of merino, namely that it makes you feel warm even when it’s damp. A leaked nappy? A slobbering baby? A wet T-shirt? Soggy sleeves after washing hands?

Athletes will fall in love with merino for its practicality – it doesn’t smell even after it has been sweated through many times and, moreover, it doesn’t feel cold like other materials when you get a hard workout.

100% merino clothing comes in handy for everyone, 24 hours a day.

Photo: Crawler Archive


The time is coming when people spend their holidays in the mountains – all day skiing, cross-country skiing, skating or sledging.

Winter merino is the right choice for an active holiday and fun in the snow. It will be an ameeehzing companion, so don’t hesitate and enrich your wardrobe with the necessary garments from our new designer collection full of beautiful patterns and colours.


Merisheep’s TIPS:

For nursing mothers – polo neck sweater for discreet breasfeeding, in which you can breastfeed comfortably without feeling cold.

For men: neck tube – for athletes and those who hate standard scarves.

For babies: Reversible 2layer balaclava – in which the baby’s head won’t sweat and which will hide the whole neck.

For bigger children: Merino komplet polo neck sweater and leggings – an amazing first layer under warm sets.








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