Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer

Thermoregulation in the first place. The most admired feature of 100% merino wool!

You will appreciate our functional clothing not only during all winter activities, but it will also become necessary for summer camping. Whether you spend a day on a ski slope or camping on a tropical summer night, you will feel great in it under all circumstances. Merino will give you thermal comfort in any weather – keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer!

It doesn’t feel cold if it’s wet


One of the most difficult periods in a baby’s life.

Some children are like a “running water tap”. Their clothes on the chest are always wet, and because of their fists stuffed in their mouth all the time, their sleeve ends are wet as well. You constantly change them to make sure your baby is dry. Our clothes will make this period a little easier – merino doesn’t feel cold if it’s damp – so don’t worry that your little one has slobbered all over their bodysuit again.

Suitable for sensitive and atopic skin

Does your child suffer from atopic eczema or have sensitive skin and suffer from heat rash?

In lightweight (year-round) merino wool, skin can breathe freely and doesn’t get sweaty, so eczema focuses don’t tend to weep. This keeps the eczema dry and under control. Our fine lightweight merino is great for supporting any skin condition. Successfully tested also by “butterfly children”.

For a happy sleep

A calm night even with a wet nappy?

If you use cloth nappies, it is likely that a nappy hasn’t absorbed everything and leaked out. As soon as your baby’s clothes got wet, they began to sleep restlessly until you were finally called by their cry. Often the baby is already cold. An ideal supplement to a cloth nappy is a pair of merino pyjamas, which gives your baby a longer happy sleep. Even though a cloth nappy leaks out, the baby is still warm and feels dry thanks to the great features of 100% merino wool.

The best clothes for car seats

Travelling by car both in summer and winter

Seat covers are made from non-breathable artificial materials, so children get sweaty quickly and their clothes soak with sweat, making them feel cold. Air-conditioning is not suitable for health reasons, so you and your children sweat. Merino wool clothing solves this problem perfectly – it is able to quickly wick moisture and doesn’t feel cold even when it’s wet.

100% breathable like a second skin

Do you use a baby sling or carrier?

When you carry your baby, especially in summer, you make each other so warm that using it can become uncomfortable for both of you. There is an easy solution – dress your child and yourself in year-round merino wool to create “air-conditioning” for both of you.

Antibacterial, not smelling

Do you do sports?

Then you personally know how uncomfortable it is to wear a sweaty shirt that feels cold, making you worry about your back. Wear a lightweight (year-round) merino wool T-shirt and forget about your worries. The bonus is that merino doesn’t smell even after it gets sweaty several times.

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