Why pack Merino for every holiday?


Whether you are going on holiday to the seaside or to your grandmother’s cottage, be sure to pack merino wool clothes for yourself and your children. We in Crawler simply can’t imagine any holiday without it.

Why? In a few points, we summarise the benefits of 100% merino that we appreciate most in our lives:

  1. You only need a few garments and you don’t have to worry about clothes for a week or two. You don’t have to carry suitcases or backpacks full of clothes wondering what the weather will be like and whether you are ready for everything. Merino will keep you both cool and warm – as you need.
  2. Have you sweated a T-shirt through on a hike, on a bike or in a car? Never mind – let the shirt air overnight and wear it the next day. You don’t have to worry about a faux paux. 100% merino wool simply doesn’t smell! It is antibacterial, so it prevents reproduction of bacteria, the decomposition of which causes odour. You can wear it day by day without worries. This is a TOP feature that men, and even more their women, will appreciate.
  3. Do you like camping but often shiver with cold in the morning? You can experience the same situations in your grandmother’s cottage or in cabins at campsites, especially if you are “spoiled” from warm flats. If this is your case, then you shouldn’t forget to pack a pair of 100% merino wool pyjamas. If you have a sleeping bag with good parameters, you’ll be fine in thin merino, and if you’re really cold-sensitive, choose thick (winter) merino, which we offer in weights from 210 to 245 g/m2.



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Summer holidays at the seaside are a kind of “best of” for families with small children. Whether you choose Croatia, Balearic Islands or Turkey, you have to “cope” with a considerable change. Someone acclimatises without any problem, someone doesn’t get used to the new environment until almost their departure. You can definitely make this process more pleasant with merino wool garments. You will fully enjoy its thermoregulatory features. You and your children won’t feel overheated and, in addition, merino will provide you with quite a high UV protection (it is reported that merino’s UPF is about 20). It is as light as a breeze, breathable, simply indispensable at the seaside.


TIP: We recommend dresses and tunics that you can put over your swimsuit after bathing and go. They are available in sizes for both small girls and women. With regard to the smallest ones, don’t forget about caps with flaps that protect the neck. And men can choose from a wide range of T-shirts.



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You may hesitate whether to go this less comfortable way, but maybe we can persuade you with a few arguments. A camping holiday will certainly not be a mistake. Children love adventures in the form of sleeping in the open by the fire, in a tent or in cabins. You teach them a closer relationship to nature. The whole family can be offline and really together! In the evening you will slip into your sleeping bags and tell scary stories. A holiday none of you will forget. But if you go on this kind of holiday, you shouldn’t underestimate the cold that creeps into your bed or sleeping bag towards morning. Many people end up with a bad cold. But if you have packed pyjamas from our merino, nothing will surprise you. If you have a baby wearing nappies with you in the tent, you will love the fact that it “makes you feel warm even if it’s wet” and even such a leaked nappy will not pose any risk of catching a cold.


TIP: T-shirt and leggings sets serve great as pyjamas. Boys can wear jumpsuits. Beware of jumpsuits for girls, who can’t sleep all night without peeing, so undressing is then unnecessarily complicated. For these cases, be sure to choose a pair of two-piece pyjamas. There are several lengths of sleeves and legs. Adults can choose from many T-shirts and tops.



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Reaching the peaks ... If you love truly active holidays, the higher altitude, the better for you. Whether you hike up czech Sněžka, a two-thousander or that hill behind your grandparents’ cottage. If you really hike hard, you know how uncomfortable it is to be in cotton, bamboo or “some artificial stuff”, which is sweated through, feels cold and doesn’t smell that good. You will definitely not experience such discomfort in 100% summer merino wool. And, as a bonus, you will avoid problems with the “cold back”.


TIP: Invest in a T-shirt and a sweatshirt. Weather in the mountains is variable and absolutely unpredictable. Merino is compact, so don’t get surprised by the weather.



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“Are we there yet?” You hear it at regular intervals, about every minute. Alternatively, you have a crying or even screaming baby in a car seat that simply wants to do something else instead of being tied to the baby seat, sweating. And the icing on the cake is that roads during the holidays are “under repair” almost everywhere. Does the mere thought of it make you sweat? And when it’s really hot, travelling by car can be hell. We know that there is air conditioning, but for health reasons we leave it off or at least we don’t turn it too cold. But we wear thin merino T-shirts and tank tops. We feel fresher and, surprise, surprise, even children in the car seats are not drenched in sweat. You will handle their questions like “Are we there yet?” better, because in summer merino wool you will feel more comfortable.


TIP: We recommend tops and shorts for children in car seats. If you have a long journey ahead of you, even overnight, you can cover them with a merino blanket, available in our offer in several dimensions.


To sum up – a holiday without 100% summer merino? No way.

Our full range of 100% merino wool garments can be found at: www.crawler-shop.eu

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