What should you pack in your maternity hospital bag?


Your day is coming. Maybe in a month, maybe in a week, but in the next few days your little joy will be born. We won’t delude you: the first days in the maternity hospital will be very tough. That’s why you should pack everything you need to make your first days as comfortable and easy as possible. The right time to pack your maternity hospital bag is about six weeks before birth. From now on, it can come at any time and there is nothing worse than running around your flat looking for slippers, maternity pads and baby clothes between contractions. Pack two bags – one with things for you, i.e. those you will need right after birth, and the other with the baby stuff. This will help you avoid confusion in finding the necessary forms for admission to the maternity hospital and make things easier in the postpartum period, when you don’t want to waste time and energy – both will go to your baby.


Most maternity hospitals have their own list of things you should bring. Either you can download it on the maternity hospital website, or it will be given to you by your treating doctor or you will receive it in the maternity hospital where you go to be monitored in the last weeks.

So take the following list with “a pinch of salt”, taking into account the list of “your” maternity hospital.

Be sure to pack the following in your first bag:

- cards and documents – pregnancy card, health insurance card, ID, birth certificates of both parents or marriage certificate, possibly a declaration of the child’s surname, declaration of the child’s name);

- grape sugar (to supplement energy) and water for birth;

- maternity pads and breast pads (you can buy both in most maternity hospitals without any problem); if you are used to washable cloth pads, we recommend that you ask the maternity hospital staff if they can be used – this will prevent potential conflict situations;

- towels (although you will probably get hospital towels) – we recommend one especially for your breasts, and if you can, make the first moments for your baby in the delivery room more pleasant by wrapping them in a red towel, which evokes the colour of the environment that the baby knows from your belly;

- postpartum mesh panties, nursing bra (although to start lactation it is ideal to leave the bra in your bag – it depends on how you feel);

- shoes to change into (we recommend using rubber shoes that you can also use to take a shower);

- nightdress if necessary (you will receive a hospital nightdress in the maternity hospital, sometimes only a theatre gown), dressing gown;

- hygienic supplies – toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, tissues, comb, shampoo and soap, cream or ointment for breasts, lip balm (suitable for contractions, when you breathe especially through your mouth so your lips may crack);

- drink (if the maternity hospital doesn’t offer tea for nursing mothers, pack it as well), food (if you don’t want to rely only on hospital food – every mum needs to eat a lot of high-quality food after birth);

- mobil + nabíječka

- depending on the maternity hospital, Yal gel can be applied instead of enema (if time permits, it is more pleasant to apply it at home before going to the maternity hospital);

- something to read, pen, notes;

- clothes to go home in.

Put things for the baby in the second one:

- disposable or cloth nappies (you will initially change the baby after each feeding);

- standard square cloth nappies (at least three);

- wet wipes or washable cloth wipes;

- swaddle and blanket if you don’t want to use those provided by the maternity hospital;

- changing pads (a washable pad being an alternative to disposable pads; we recommend two pieces);

- baby butt cream and possibly other cosmetics (we recommended that you don’t use too much of it – less is more!);

- clothes to go home in, depending on the season:

SUMMER: bodysuit, jumpsuit, blanket, beanie

Photo: Crawler Archive


WINTER: bodysuit, jumpsuit, snowsuit, blanket, beanie or balaclava and newborn mittens

Photo: Crawler Archive


Don’t worry! If you forget something, most things can now be bought without any problems, or your partner or another visitor can bring them to you.


Our tip: MERINO wool clothing is great for every season and is the finest and the right choice for your baby, making them feel warm or cool, as needed. In addition, Crawler offers growing bodysuits and leggings – your baby will be snug as a bug in a rug! For newborns, the best growing size is 50–56/62, which we have included in our offer based on considerable interest. We will look at the growing sizes and how to choose the right one in the following article.

Photo: Crawler Archive

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