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Once upon a time, a young family lived in a small town. Dad, mom and little twin girls. They loved each other and they looked forward to being a count of five soon. Then mommy was cursed by the ugly witch Cancer. “There won’t be five of you” they found out, “and most likely there will only be three of you.”

The family decided not to be threatened by the ugly witch. While dad was learning quickly how to take care of twin girls and the family and their friends helped, the mom was fighting for her life. To the surprise of her doctors, she could leave after three difficult surgeries. “I have two little daughters at home waiting for me” she explained them with a smile.

The life returned to normal. But the ugly witch didn’t want to give up and cursed the mom again. “No surgery will help you this time,” the family later found, “You need an expensive treatment that your insurance won’t cover.They went home worried. Where will they get money for the treatment when they have two small children and only one income? What if they get into debt to get the medicine and yet remain only with three of them? How could daddy take care of girls and pay hundreds of thousands?

They didn’t give up again. This time it wasn’t just about mommy’s health but also about her right to be treated without burdening her family with a huge debt. She found the right people, said the right things and then the magic started to happen. The insurance company approved her treatment. During those few days, she found out that many more families are in a similar situation. Most of the times they were also cursed by the ugly witch Cancer, but some of them were also cursed by the sorcerer Parkinson or other evil creatures. The more worried those good people were, the easier their illnesses won.

Mommy decided to help them too. And so the endowment fund “S lehkou hlavou” was created. This fairy tale really happened. Mommy’s name is Pavla Dandová and she lives with rare type of cancer. The mission of our fund is to help “cursed” parents to use all their strengths to get well without worries and to be able to be there for their children in the future.

Crawler helps our clients for their fairy-tale to have a happy ending. You can help too! Thank You.

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