Wearing 100% Merino in the summer. Why?


The first reason for writing this article was that practise makes perfect. The second reason is that in general, people have the Merino wool associated only with winter. They fell in love with its quality that it warms you up in the winter, but they forgot about the second quality – it cools you down in the summer.

We need to remind this fact constantly – the only suitable Merino for the warm weather is the thin Merino with grammage 155 g/m2 because you'd be really hot int the warm winter Merino.

Summer Merino (we offer in grammage 155 g/m2) will be appreciated by everyone, every day.

Let’s summarize all the moments you will enjoy in the summer Merino:



The body to body, a baby sling or a carrier and 30 °C in the shade. Are you sweating just imagining this? Carrying your baby is an amazing thing but sweat-wet cold clothes aren’t so great. Before I got to know the summer Merino, I hadn’t really enjoyed carrying my baby in the summer. And I bet that my “wet” baby didn't enjoy it either.

But if you discover the magic of summer Merino, you will find that wearing it in the summer is much more comfortable. Remember, that you maximize the effect by not forgetting yourself. Many mothers buy summer Merino just for their babies, but they neglect themselves. But if you buy summer Merino for yourself, you will increase the comfort for the both of you.

In addition to summer Merino clothing, we recommend that you choose a lower weight of the baby sling and ideally choose a sling with the highest proportion of Merino wool.

Summer Merino T-shirts and bodysuits are ideal to wear. Photo: Crawler Archive



Every car journey in the summer was hell – literally. Your child stuck to the car seat and we stuck to the seat covers. We do not use an air conditioning because of the health reasons. And due to our older son's ears and my back and neck problems, we cannot ventilate too much. As a result, if the journey lasted longer than a few minutes, we got out of the car drenched in sweat and we quickly changed our wet tops. Thank God, it’s the past – summer Merino helped us to solve this problem. We don't sweat so much in the car anymore and we don't have to change clothes after our journey. A cold from wearing a sweaty T-shirt and my blocked neck from opened car window are things of the past.

The set of the bodysuit and leggings. Author: Lucie Brooch



Do you remember the nights when you can’t sleep under the blanket? You wake up sweaty in the morning and you feel that you are not refreshed at all. Perhaps your baby wanted to breastfeed every hour because of he/she is hot, thirsty and is unable to fall back into deep sleep. These are tropical nights, when the temperature does not drop below 20 °C. This is becoming more common in the Czech Republic.

Merino pyjamas are really a wonderful thing. You don’t have to deal with blankets, because merino thermoregulates, feels cool and the skin breathes more easily. Your child sleeps more peacefully because, as we mentioned before, Merino pyjamas are as important as a dry diaper.

Merino jumpsuit with short sleeves and long legs. Photo: Crawler Archive



Everyone who likes to move can relate. You get sweaty and as soon as you stop moving, you get chilly from the wet sweaty clothes. The consequences come in no time – cold, problems with your back and neck. When you can do as little as wear 100% Merino – it warms you up even when wet! Biking, hiking, tennis, running… – any movement can be more enjoyable by replacing the “plastic” clothes with the Merino ones. And that's not all – another bonus is that Merino wool doesn't smell and therefore you can enjoy several training sessions without washing. You can also use this feature when choosing clothes for multiple-day treks, camping holiday and in many other situations.

Merino T-shirt is a great partner for every type of movement. Photo: Crawler Archive



We have already touched on this topic in the previous paragraphs, so we will add it in just a few words.

Problems with the back or the neck can be complications for anyone and they like to return. It’s definitely not by just doing a wrong movement. It is often caused by cold and we do not even need winter for that. A little colder air from the air conditioning, warm air from an opened car window, a fan that cools us nicely or to fall asleep with your shoulders near an opened window. That’s all it takes to start some problems.

Some people begin to suffer from the back pain already in their teenage years, some at a later age. But the problems completely avoid just a few. We recommend to wear Merino shirts and neck tubes as a precaution to all those who already have chronic problems. We have only one health and anyone who has ever suffered from back pain knows how hard it can be to just put your socks on!

Photo: Wix archive



We have already written an article just about atopic eczema in detail. So if you're interested in more information on how Merino clothes can help to cure and prevent this skin problem, you can read more HERE.


Thank you for reading and enjoy the spring!

Long T-shirt and capri leggings. Photo: Crawler Archive

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