Spring allergy? Outsmart nature with nature


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And it’s here! Nature is blooming and the sun is inviting us outside. But some of us have to supply ourselves with a big package of tissue besides sunglasses and change for ice cream. Welcome spring - the least favourite season of people with allergies!

In the spring, none of us can avoid the blooming trees and gardens full of blooming flowers. But what we want to avoid is allergy. Symptoms can vary - the most common is hay fever and difficulty breathing, tearing, problems with skin and sometimes fever.

Can you relate to this? You can barely open your eyes in the morning - they itch and fester, as soon as you get up from your bed water starts running out of your nose following with waves of sneezing. And how about when the little ones from the family are suffering from allergy? Do you also have a feeling that not everything has to be beaten with chemicals and that something more natural, even if it’s a little bit less effective, could do the same job? Besides that - drugs from an allergist do not cure allergy, just suppress symptoms.

How to enjoy family walks and trips without stressing about your nose “flowing” again?


We have few tips on how to relieve symptoms of allergy without using medicaments

1. There are the least allergens in the air in the morning - therefore it’s good to ventilate in the morning and go for a walk as soon as you can - the most allergens in the air are around lunch. A walk after the rain is the real pleasure - air is clean and breathing will be better. On the opposite side, try to avoid walking on windy days.

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2. Try to eliminate the presence of dust even at home because a body irritated with allergens from outside reacts more sensitively to the dust in your home. Vacuum, wash the beddings and if you have a dryer use it - the filter will show you how much dust you have removed from the laundry. Be aware of the fur of your pets - they are full of allergens - so don’t let them into your bed and bathe them often.

3. The entry of allergens into your body can be also prevented by using sunglasses and a scarf/neck tube over your nose and mouth to breathe through it – neck tube will effectively filter the air.

4. Rinse your nose with Vincentka* or a seawater spray to moisture the nasal mucosa and it will get rid of allergens better.

5. Rest, relax, sleep – put yourself and your family at ease - tiredness and stress only make allergies worse and they’re the ones to take part in the creation of allergy.

* Czech Vincentka is a unique natural mineral water from a curative natural resource, strongly mineralised, iodine-enriched, carbonated mineral water of the hydrogen-carbon-chlorine-sodium type, with increased levels of fluorides and boric acid.


Homeopathic drugs

Small children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and also people of all ages can use homeopathics as a treatment for pollen allergies. A suitable homeopathic in case the allergic reaction has already occurred is Poumon Histamine 15CH, Allium Cepa 9CH for allergic rhinitis and Euphrasia Officinalis 9CH for eye problems. Other homeopathics help to tolerate allergens and that is Pollens 15CH and Pollens de Graminées 15CH.

Sometimes the allergy reaction of our bodies can be so severe that it manifests itself in nettle-rash. There are homoeopathic even for treating rashes on your body - ask your homoeopath for the homeopathic Apis Mellifica 15CH or Urtica Urens 5CH - it always matter of the specific symptoms of the nettle-rash. You can also add Poumon Histamine 15CH to your treatment.


Try herbs

If lemon balm tea can help you calm down in the evening, raspberry tea can help you with period problems, so why not try herbs for allergy? No herb can cure the allergy completely because the herb treatment works on a completely different principle. Herbalists believe that allergy is a reaction of your body to a total contamination/clogging of your organism, so they recommend its cleansing. The recommended herbs are: milk thistle, calendula, juniper, rosemary and rye.

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Doctors' opinions on the treatment of allergies vary

Some advice to expose you to the allergens and “train” the body, other doctors say that it is necessary to avoid all the allergens entirely. But it is difficult to avoid outdoor allergens.

Our neck tube from Merino wool can help you - it’s soft, practical and stylish. Breathing through it minimizes inhalation of allergens. You can find them in our collection for children and adults.


And what about you and the chemical-free approach to allergies? What have you tried and what works for you?

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