Outdoor nursery, or can your child climb a tree?


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It is not easy for outdoor nurseries in the Czech Republic, but we are very supportive of them and believe in their bright future. Are you considering whether an outdoor nursery is the right choice for your child? This article might help you decide, so read on.


What is actually typical of outdoor nurseries?

Among other things, education takes place primarily outdoors and in a smaller number of children (usually up to fifteen). The background of the nursery, where children sleep or have lunch, is a yurt, caravan, cottage or gazebo (heated in winter). Children spend a lot of time outdoors – whether in the woods or elsewhere, but in any case in the fresh air.


Why choose an outdoor nursery?

The outdoor nursery brings immense benefits to the child. First, by staying in the fresh air, the child gets used to the cold, which strengthens their immunity, and, as a result, is much healthier than a child attending an overheated state nursery, where bacilli spread like wildfire. The outdoor nursery teaches children how to move outdoors, immensely improving their motor skills and strengthening their body.

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Do you also find it sad that many of today’s children can’t climb a tree? Or that they have never picked blueberries, blackberries or mushrooms? That they are scared stiff of ordinary insects? In short, that they feel strangely insecure outdoors?

Yes, they can control their mobile phones and tablets at the age of three, but is it really beneficial for them? Not really! On the contrary, kids should play with a stick in puddles, observe bugs and swarms in anthills, collect stones and build mounds ... They can experience so much adventure in nature, acquiring so much knowledge they will benefit from all their lives.


Are you afraid that your child will run wild in the outdoor nursery? No way! According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Education, the outdoor nursery prepares children for school attendance as satisfactorily as a standard nursery. In addition, they spend time not only outdoors, but also go to museums, theatres and other cultural events.

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Parents whose child goes to an outdoor nursery know that they have to choose the right clothes and equipment for their child.

Every child needs good shoes, wellies (rubber boots), clothes with UV filter and summer Merino in summer, raincoat, backpack, sleeping bag and mattress. Starting in autumn, softshell or other waterproof “rubberised” clothes and, last but not least, functional underwear, where 100% merino wool sweeps the board. The child will be provided with thermal comfort, for example, by a balaclava and first-layer T-shirt and leggings.

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Disadvantages of outdoor nurseries are their insufficient number so far – the highest concentration being around large cities (but we believe that in the future they will spring up like mushrooms) – and financial demands compared to state nurseries. You can find your nearest outdoor nursery on the map of outdoor nurseries in the Czech republic HERE.



If your family can choose an outdoor nursery, considering your place of residence and financial situation, don’t hesitate: it will be a great investment in the life of your child, as well as the whole society.

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