Merino Wool properties

Odebráno z oblíbených produktů

Přidáno do oblíbených produktů

Unmatched thermoregulation
Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer

Merino wool creates a microclimate on the body to prevent the external climate from penetrating quickly to the skin – whether cold in winter (the wool “feels warm”) or hot in summer (the wool “feels cool”). It wicks sweat perfectly – the fibre surface is hydrophobic, repelling sweat. Sweat either evaporates or, if retained (for example, by an additional layer of clothing), soaks into the fibre, which in turn is hydrophilic. The inside of the wool fibre has the ability to absorb moisture up to 30% of its weight without the fibre feeling wet or cold. Even a fully “soaked” fibre remains dry to the touch without losing any of its thermoregulatory ability.

Suitable for sensitive and atopic skin

Our merino is 5 times thinner than a human hair! The fibre is so incredibly soft that it doesn’t irritate the nerves on the skin. Merino simply bends when pressed against the skin, so you only feel softness. Super smooth fibres are also bad news for mites. Merino wool is antistatic, so it naturally repels dust, which can cause allergies or asthma. We have rich personal experience as some of our children suffer from atopic eczema. Not only are they extremely happy in merino, but because they don’t sweat in it, they don’t get itchy eczema as in any other regular clothing even with the slightest sweating.

Merino is breathable like a second skin

Each fibre of merino wool breathes through its inner structure. Unlike synthetic fibres whose breathability is determined by the number of gaps in the fabric. Therefore, a dense knitted T-shirt made from artificial fibres doesn’t breathe, but densely woven wool fabric is still perfectly breathable. Given its breathability, it keeps skin dry and less prone to eczema. AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE!

It is antibacterial

Merino wool is characterised by antibacterial ability – wool is made up of 90% protein (keratin) and is not a suitable environment for bacteria. Therefore, merino wool garments don’t smell even after they have been sweated through many times.

Shape stability

Merino is also naturally elastic, fully adapting to the person wearing it, and always bounces back into its original shape.

Easy care

Merino clothes are machine washable and don’t need to be ironed. Just let them dry on a hanger or lay them out flat. Quick-drying. Ideal for busy families with children.



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