MERINO wool: Perfection from nature


There are many types of wool but there’s only one that’s the most suitable for athletes, people sensitive to the cold, even for babies and many moms love it. It’s the MERINO, wool from sheep breed reared in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

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Why is it so perfect then?

Only few natural materials have such properties as Merino wool. Its fibres are very fine and have the ability to isolate and breathe - clothes from this wool are elastic, non-creasing and have a high moisture-absorbing capacity.


Warms you up and also cools you down

The thermoregulatory features of MERINO wool are unmatched. To put it simply - it warms you up in the winter and it cools you down in the summer. Warming wool catches the heat and people who tend to get cold will finally stop shivering thanks to MERINO sweaters. MERINO wool is also great for absorbing sweat – wool absorbs it or it evaporates. The fibres of the wool transport moisture away from the body in the form of steam. Thanks to this even the sweaty T-shirt won’t feel cold on you and it will warm you up. Sweat is taken away so perfectly that you don’t have to wash it straight away just after one sweating. Not only athletes love MERINO wool!

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Doesn’t irritate the skin

MERINO wool fibres are extremely fine and don’t irritate your skin or your nerves. Clothes are hypoallergenic and people with allergies or people with sensitive skin don’t have to be afraid to wear it. The wool is antistatic and naturally repels dust that can cause allergies or asthma. On top of that, MERINO has an antibacterial ability - bacteria simply don’t stick to the fibres. That makes MERINO the perfect fit especially for babies who are very sensitive to the external influences.

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It holds its form

Do you also hate when your favourite T-shirt or sweater gets loose? For most fabrics, this is irreversible but not for MERINO! Fibres are very elastic and so it adapts to its wearer and it keeps its shape perfectly. You don’t look like in your older brother’s clothes.


It breathes

It may sound a little strange, but the MERINO clothes breathe. Unlike synthetic fibres, its fibres are breathable. This makes clothes much more comfortable.

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Easy maintenance

Wash your merino clothes on a delicate wool cycle that respects the gentle handling of this material. The water temperature must be maintained from 30°C to 40°C, the spin speed at a maximum of 800 rpm.  Spread your wet garment with seams aligned or reshape it to make sure it dries in the right shape. Dry the garment by laying it out flat in the air. If you only want to ventilate the merino clothing before putting it on again, hang it on a hanger. Trendy clothes from MERINO don’t have to be washed after every use - that’s also why athletes and especially mothers love it. We recommend using washing gels suitable for wool clothes to wash your MERINO clothes as they are the gentlest option. Of course, you can use any of your favourite detergent. But avoid using fabric softener!

We recommend the clothes treat with lanolin to maintain water repellency and MERINO fibre protection. This method is mainly used for wool diaper covers, so parents who use cloth diapers will be interested.

We will discuss the lanolining process in one of the following articles.

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