How to take care of Merino Wool clothes

Odebráno z oblíbených produktů

Přidáno do oblíbených produktů

Machine wash

Wash your merino garment on a delicate wool cycle that respects the gentle handling of this material. The water temperature must be maintained from 30°C to 40°C, the spin speed at a maximum of 800 rpm. Merino with a weight of 155 g/m2 should be washed in a mesh laundry bag. It is recommended to alternate machine wash with hand wash from time to time. Crawler 100% merino wool can be washed in any of your favourite and appropriate detergents. Generally, we recommend washing gels for wool – they are gentler to the merino fibre, taking care of it, so your garment will last longer. It is good to occasionally use a detergent with lanolin.

Hand wash

To avoid the formation of fluff and lint as much as possible, leave your garment soaked in water, then gently remove dirt with soap and rinse again. Wring rolled up in a towel by squeezing out water.


Spread your wet garment with seams aligned or reshape it to make sure it dries in the right shape. Dry the garment by laying it out flat in the air. Unless washing is absolutely necessary, airing merino wool is sufficient. Due to the natural resistance to the growth of the number of microbes, merino wool clothing doesn’t smell even after it has been sweated through many times.


Please avoid using a battery-operated lint remover, which may disrupt wool fibres. Carefully unfasten snap fasteners on products using your fingernails to prevent the snap from tearing off.

Wash at no more than 40°C on a delicate/wool wash cycle
Do not bleach
Tuble dry on low heat
Iron medium (max 150°C)
Professional dry cleaning


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