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Our growing cap is made from thin 100% merino wool. It is the successor of the UV cap, which our little customers have worn and loved for two years. The cut remains the same, but we decided to use natural instead of synthetic material. This makes the cap lightweight, 100% breathable and flexible. And 100% merino can also block UV radiation.

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Children really like wearing it, because it gives them much more shade than regular caps or hats. And besides, their heads don’t sweat as they do in thick reinforced caps.

It is great for playing on the sand or in the garden, for walks and trips, for babies carried in baby slings or carriers and, of course, for the seaside and mountains. We haven’t forgotten about the smallest ones, who may fall asleep in the cap. To avoid pushing by the buckle tightening the circumference of the head, the smallest sizes use a bow at the back.

Photo: Crawler Archive


Merisheep’s tips:

1. The cap is also great for carried babies who like being carried on their tummy – if they want to put their head on you, bend the peak up so that it doesn’t bother the child. Our peak includes a soft but holding reinforcement.

2. Does it sound familiar? There’s a little wind and you end up chasing your cap down the street. This can’t happen with our Crawler cap. By tightening it under the chin, the cap is fixed and can’t be taken off even when it blows really hard. But if your smart little one pulls it off, you won’t lose it thanks to the chin cords.

3. You definitely know a sunburned neck and ears with a regular cap, don’t you? Our cap’s flap gives your child great protection, shading both their ears and the back of their neck.



In czech: "Dobrý den, ráda bych vám poděkovala za super čepku s krytím krku, kterou jste mi asi měsíc zpět ušily. Má za sebou spolu s námi moře a osvědčila se (nejen tam) parádně! Navíc je super vymyšlená, nemusím nic složitě zavazovat a když si ji náhodou lumpík stáhne dozadu, zůstane vlát v nosítku za námi. Ještě jednou díky, jsme fakt moc spokojení. Iva"

In english: "Hello, I’d like to thank you for the fantastic cap with a neck flap that you sewed for me about a month ago. It went to the seaside with us and proved to be great (not only there)! It also has a fantastic design, so I don’t have to tie anything in a complicated way, and if my little scallywag accidentally pulls it back, it stays flying in the carrier behind us. Thanks again. We’re really happy. Iva"


In czech: "S rostoucí kšiltovkou z merina máme skvělé zkušenosti. Dominik ji nosil v 1 roce a i letos mu ještě velikostně bude dobře. Materiál je krásně prodyšný, zároveň saje pot, takže se v něm nepotí hlavička. Praktické je i stahování obvodu a šňůrka pod bradou. Jsme moc spokojení.

- maminka Tereza"

In english: "We have great experience with the growing merino cap. Dominik wore it at one year old and he can still wear the size this year. The material is really breathable and absorbs sweat, so his head doesn’t sweat in it. The circumference tightening option and the chin cord are also practical. We’re very happy.

- mum Tereza"


In czech: "Tahle kšiltovka je naprostý TOP :) máme ji již třetí sezónu, v bílé barvě s modrými šňůrkami a je naprosto perfektní. Ideální pro nošení v šátku, k moři, i jen tak na písek. Za nás doporučuji na 100% :) (recenze z FB)"

In english: "This cap is absolutely the BEST you can get :) We’ve had it for three seasons, in white colour with blue cords, and it is absolutely perfect. Ideal for using in a baby sling, for the seaside, or just playing on the sand. From our own experience, I recommend it 100% :) (review from FB)"



Features of the Crawler growing cap:

· Growing – it lasts multiple summers

· All seams are hidden – detailed workmanship

· It protects against sunburn, sunstroke/heatstroke

· It is 100% breathable, lightweight and beautifully adapts even to atypical head shapes

· It blocks dangerous UV radiation

· It suits everyone – from babies to pre-schoolers, both boys and girls



You can find the procedure in the product details in our e-shop.

Photo: Crawler Archiv

Many color variations on the eshop. Photo: Crawler Archiv

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