How should I choose the right size?

Crawler children’s clothes are designed as three-size, i.e. growing. You need to ask yourself before making a purchase whether you want to use of the growing potential of the clothes fully or partially, or whether you want your clothes to be “just right”. Please note the following illustrative examples:

  1. If you want the garment to grow with your child in three sizes, buy a size whose number is at the beginning of our label.
    Example: Your child is 66 cm tall and wears standard size 68. You want the garment to grow as much as possible. Order the Crawler garment in size 68–74/80. The child can wear it up to standard size 80 (approximately up to a height of 83 cm).
  2. If you want the garment to last but don’t want the three-size surplus, buy a size whose number is in the middle of our label.
    Example: Your child is 66 cm tall and wears standard size 68. You want the garment to grow, but you only need an about 1.5 size surplus. Order the Crawler garment in size 62–68/74. The child can wear it up to standard size 74 (approximately up to a height of 83 cm).
  3. I don’t want clothes with any surplus – I want everything to fit the baby without surplus. Order a size whose number is at the end of our label.
    Example: Your child is 66 cm tall and wears standard size 68. You want the garment to fit without surplus. Order the Crawler garment in size 56–62/68. The child can wear it until the transition to standard size 74 (approximately up to a height of 72 cm).
  4. Tailor-made/made-to-measure garments: If your child doesn’t fit into size charts and can’t wear ready-made clothes, we will be happy to tailor Crawler garments for you. There is no problem to sew a narrower cut or to extend the waist or otherwise customise the garment. In such a case, however, we require your cooperation, namely that you provide measurements and consultation. If you want to adjust the cut of your garment, please let us know where regular clothes don’t fit you – we will ask you for the specific measurements and information we will need to use for sewing the garment. Of course, this also applies to the sewing of adult garments, which we normally offer in sizes from XS (S) to XXXL. Until the web developers prepare everything necessary to enter information for customisation directly in this new e‑shop and until the price surcharge is automatically added to the price of the order, we ask for your benevolence. We will be happy to discuss all your wishes and requirements with you on our phone, at info@crawler-shop.eu or in our online chat.

What is the difference between “thin” and “warm” Crawler merino wool?

We only work with 100% merino wool in several weights. For faster navigation, you will find an icon next to each product to help you better find out the season that the merino knit weight is suitable for.

Merino suitable for Year-round use            

   Merino suitable for Autumn, Winter, Spring            


Merino suitable for year-round wear is offered in a weight of 155 g/m2. It is used as a base layer in cold weather and, in tropical summer, as the only layer, thanks to which you will not be overheated, sweating less and feeling much more comfortable than in normal clothes, which will smell and make you feel cold after they have been sweated through.

Merino suitable for wearing in autumn, winter and spring is currently offered in the following weights: 210 g/m2, 245 g/m2 and 320 g/m2. The difference is not always obvious at first sight. Among other things, it depends on the knitting technology – some merino is knitted densely (without increase in thickness) and some is more porous but stronger.

If you are not sure which weight to choose, please contact us – we will be happy to advise you. Before you call us or write to us, please think about how sensitive to cold you are or how much you sweat, when you typically want to wear merino (sports, sleep, normal wearing, warm office, travelling by car, etc.). Everybody is original, so we approach each person individually, giving advice based on our personal experience.

When will I receive the ordered goods?

The delivery time is always stated for each product and varies, among other things, depending on how time consuming the production is. If your order contains products with different delivery times, the order processing is always determined by the longest one. If you choose bank transfer payment, the delivery time starts on the day the payment is received. We dispatch the products in stock within 24 hours of receiving the order or, as the case may be, of receiving payment in case of bank transfer payment.

If you need to have goods at home for a specific date (birthday, Christmas, departure for holiday, etc.), write to us or call us – it is always possible to agree individually. If possible, we always try to meet any wishes the customer may have.

Is merino wool suitable for people with atopic eczema?

YES. Based on our many years of experience, we can recommend Crawler merino to people with atopic eczema. Due to the fact that merino clothing is completely breathable, the weeping form of eczema very often improves. Wearing merino wool is a habit. If you or your children don’t feel comfortable in merino initially, put on a cotton tank top or leggings underneath. Our merino is super soft, with a fibre thickness of 16.5 microns, so it can’t be compared to the wool sweaters worn in the past.

Do I have to wash my garment before first use?

It is not necessary, but for your better feeling we recommend soaking the garment in a warm bath with a little gel/shampoo, ideally with the addition of lanolin. However, if you want to wear it immediately, it is of course possible. In such a case, you can wash the garment after it got dirty.

What detergent can I use to wash merino wool?

Crawler 100% merino wool can be washed in any of your favourite and appropriate detergents. Generally, we recommend washing gels for wool – they are gentler to the merino fibre, taking care of it, so your garment will last longer. It is good to occasionally use a detergent with lanolin. You can find out more about caring for our merino wool on our blog.

Can I iron my Crawler garments?

YES. If the garment requires it, you can safely iron it. We recommend turning it inside out. Use a specific wool setting or set the iron at temperature 1–2. Even light steaming is not harmful – but we recommend putting a cloth on your garment to protect it.

How should I wash and dry my garments?

Merino garments should be washed on a delicate wool cycle that respects the gentle handling of this material. The water temperature must be maintained from 30°C to 40°C, the spin speed at a maximum of 800 rpm. Most current washing machines have a wool cycle. Merino, especially in a weight of 155 g/m2, should be washed in a mesh laundry bag (or, for example, pillowcase) – this will prevent damage to your garments by the sharp edges of the washing machine drum or due to contact with other clothes that have, for example, a zip fastener. It is recommended to alternate machine wash with hand wash from time to time.

Dry merino wool garments by laying them out flat or hanging them on a hanger (make sure you use the right length of the hanger to avoid hanger bumps). Merino dries very quickly.

You will find all the maintenance instructions on the attached product label. We recommend keeping it.

Can I use a battery-operated lint remover for merino wool products?

NO. The lint remover may cut threads of the yarn, which will result in a hole in your garment. The hole must be sewn as soon as possible to avoid a ladder. We recommend that you remove any lint in stress areas manually.

We recommend using detergents with lanolin. Lanolin wraps wool fibres to minimise the formation of fluff and lint.

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