Don't be afraid to wear Merino even in the summer!


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Are you also one of the people who read with disbelief about wearing Merino wool in the summer? And do you know that since ancient history people have been dressed in wool all year? People started processing wool around 6000 years BC, so the history of wool garments is much longer in comparison to synthetic fibres that were invented and manufactured in the 20th century.

Nature is wise and perfect, and humans will always be a step behind, therefore let's go back to our roots and replace the synthetics with wool!

We agree that for people unfamiliar with wool this sounds strange, but our summer thin Merino wool (155 g/m2) is really the best possible material for summer and for the whole year, for you and your kids. We have not discovered anything new; we're just bringing back what our ancestors knew a long time ago and what was pushed out by the cheap synthetic fibres.


So why wear 100% Merino wool in the summer?

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Is your child sweaty even after a short drive in the car?

The car seat covers are made from non-breathable artificial materials and due to that children get sweaty; the clothes get wet and cold. Then you worry that your child will get ill or heat rash - that is not good. The clothes from Merino wool are perfect for this purpose, the car seat will still cause sweating, but the Merino clothes can take away humidity very quickly and besides that, it won't be cold even when wet. You can also take advantage of this and can never more experience a wet T-shirt stuck to your back after driving a car.


Does your child suffer from atopic eczema, which is getting worse in the summer?

Is your baby covered from head to toes with heat rash? The skin can breathe easily in the summer thin Merino wool and it prevents you from getting wet. The eczema doesn't have the tendency to fester, therefore the eczema is kept dry and under control. And itchy heat rash? Your baby won't be bothered with that in our Merino wool.


Are you carrying your baby in a scarf or a carrier?

Are you and your baby warming up each other in the summer when carrying in a scarf? This can feel uncomfortable and sweaty. But you don't have to feel that way – dress your baby and yourself in Merino wool, it's almost like an air conditioning for both of you.

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Sleeping in the hot summer nights?

Is your baby waking up because of the excessive heat? Is your child sleeping restlessly and you're looking forward to the colder weather so that you can get some sleep? Babies sleep like Sleeping Beauty in our Merino wool. Merino pyjamas are just as important as a dry diaper.

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Do you do sports?

Then you know how uncomfortable it is to wear a sweaty T-shirt that feels cold and you are worried about your back. Wear a summer Merino wool T-shirt and your worries will end. The bonus is that the merino does not smell even if you sweat it through.


More tips: Are you packing your holiday luggage and you can’t even zip the suitcase? Pack Merino clothes and the problem is solved. You and your children will need much less clothing, because you don't have to wash the merino, but you can only air it. Do not worry, the bacteria cannot breed in 100% Merino so it doesn’t smell. So why take a lot of clothes when you can have a few pieces and it does not matter whether you are going under a tent, to a campsite or to a hotel. Traveling light is much more enjoyable at all times!


You can find the 100% summer Merino wool in our e-shop HERE.

We wish you an amazing and a sweat-free summer from the whole CRAWLER team!

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