Angel (in merino) in the mountains


Everyone who loves holidays in the mountains can’t wait. The ski season will soon begin. Children are looking forward to sledging, making a snowman, snowballing and making a snow angel. Winter simply has its charm. And winter is inherently connected with the Czech film Angel in the Mountains (Anděl na horách) from the 1950s. Every time I watch it, it warms the cockles of my heart. The fact that everyone enjoyed snow and winter beauties of nature without the luxury we have now. Just sweats, knitted hat and mittens. They didn’t make any “selfies” to boast on social networks. They enjoyed the present – they lived at that particular moment.

And even their clothes were certainly not completely “out”. The basic clothes they wore were made from wool – sweaters, knit leggings, hats, scarves and gloves. The wool may have been itchy a bit, because the yarn was not as fine as merino, but they certainly knew its benefits.

Winter fun in the snow can only be made more enjoyable by Crawler 100% merino.


Today, we have amazing possibilities, from functional technical fibres to purely natural ones, all featuring absolute fineness. Our 100% merino will be your perfect companion in the mountains.

We dress children of all sizes from head to toe in 100% merino wool.


Crawler kids tested our merino really hard in the snow both in Lower Moravia and in the Alps, and it stood the test very well. They also tested 100% Merino heavyweight wool, which proved necessary for the mountains.

The children had a great time – even though the wool got wet, it kept their bodies warm, so they enjoyed the winter fun without harm.

Crawler 100% heavyweight merino fabric is an absolutely unique material that

no “merinophile” should miss in their wardrobe.


Even if you travel to the mountains with the smallest babies, you will not only appreciate merino wool, because it will keep your children warm, but you will also be able to keep calm even if a nappy leaks in an inconvenient moment or your toddler doesn’t make it and wets his pants. You don’t have to worry anymore – your children’s urinary tracts are safe with merino.

So are your little skiers, who will be sweaty spending all day on the slope.

Crawler merino sets are designed for active children.


Don’t forget to pack reversible beanies or balaclavas, mittens and neck warmer for the mountains. All in double-sided design, which means that you can fully use both sides of the product. Unpredictable mountain weather won’t surprise you!

Crawler – merino that fits you.

Merino Balaclavas    REVERSIBLE and 1layer Merino balaclavas are a necessity for children from birth.

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