ALL YEAR ROUND IN 100% MERINO - how to wear wool in summer and winter


Head to toe in Merino. Photo: Crawler Archive


Do you hesitate which Merino grammage is the best? We will tell you something… they are all the best. Every weight has its advantages. In the following article, you will find how to use individual weights.

And if you have your own tips, please share them with us and inspire others.


The summer Merino (thin, year-round) is really suitable for an all-year-round use. We offer it in 155 g/m2. It’s as light as the summer breeze, you won’t even know you’re wearing it. That’s what makes it perfect for using it as a first layer on cold days when it becomes your second skin. And there is no better material to tropical temperatures – it’s perfectly ventilated, so you will not be as sweaty as in any other material, it does not smell, because it is not able to multiply bacteria and it does not feel cold when sweaty.

Photo: Crawler Archive


The winter Merino (warm) is very elastic, breathable and soft to touch. We offer it in 210-245g/m2 (in case of 100% heavyweight Merino material we offer 320g/m2). It’s excellent for layering on the summer Merino, but also to use as the only layer straight on your skin thanks to the softness.

Grammages from the left: 140g, 245g, 320g. Photo: Crawler Archive


For your quick orientation:

Summer Merino: You can wear all year round - in the winter as the bottom layer, in the summer as the only layer.

Winter Merino: You can wear from cold autumn days until spring. You can wear it either straight on the skin as a first layer or layered on thin Merino.


General TIPS:

  • You will more likely use the thin Merino if you and your kids go often shopping to heated/air-conditioned shops, nursery schools or other children zones.
  • If you spend a lot of time with your kids outdoors in nature in any weather, then you should choose the grammage according to your child’s sensitivity to cold. However, we recommend you get a beanie from the warm Merino.
  • A heated and overheated apartment in the winter? Then definitely choose thin Merino.
  • A house with cold floors? On colder days, be sure to choose warm Merino.


How to wear 100% Merino in every season?

Photo: Crawler Archive


SPRING: Summer Merino is perfect as a single layer under your jacket. It won’t let the cold to your body, and in the afternoon when the air is warmed up and you take your jacket off, you will feel just “just right”.

TIP from the Merisheep: Combine our thin jumpsuits.

Merino T-shirt, tops and shorts are perfect for summer. Photo: Crawler Archive


SUMMER: Hot days and nights…kids are grumpy because they can’t get a good sleep because of the heat. As soon as you wrap them in the scarf/carrier, there’s a river of sweat coming not only from you but also from your child. Sweaty circles in your armpits and as a bonus the wet T-shirt gets cold on your back and in the worst case the wind blows, and your child catches a cold. And we’re not talking about traveling by car… Summer can be exhausting. That’s why our thin Merino is worthy of investment. You can minimise all the annoying problems mentioned above by wearing at least the upper part of your clothes made from summer Merino for you and your child.

TIP ovečky Merinky: Sleeping in our growing jumpsuit or under a thin Merino blanket will help for a good night’s sleep just like a dry diaper. You and your child will put on Merino top in the car seats (you can then use it as a undershirt in the winter).

No autumn fun can get by without 100% Merino wool. Photo: Crawler Archive



It’s starting to cool down and the colder ones are already reaching for the winter Merino. We recommend winter Merino from the autumn to children up to one year old. We recommend wearing summer Merino to the older, larger and more active ones. You can layer if the mornings are particularly cold – we know that it is not so much what the thermometer shows as a feeling temperature, which may be different. It is good to insulate the legs, head and arms for the children in a scarf/carrier. But the summer Merino is still sufficient for the body.

TIP from the Merisheep: It’s nice to combine high waisted leggings with leg warmers that can be worn UNDER or ON the leggings. For your head, you can use our 1layer balaclava and let’s go out!

Pants made of 100% heavyweight Merin, sweatshirts and winter merino beanies. Photo: Crawler Archive


WINTER: Don’t put summer Merino in the closet even in the winter. You will see that as a first layer it’s priceless. If you use the winter Merino as a second layer, the winter can’t win.

TIP from the Merisheep: Our reversible 2layer balaclava is perfect for your child and for the feet we recommend Merino socks and kid's booties.

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